2019 Playing Rules





·         The duration of a game is 12 minutes with an immediate changeover at half time.

·         Where venue space allows for it:

The first half of a game will be contested with

each team fielding 5 players.

         The second half of the game will begin

with each team fielding 4 players.

         At 3 minutes into the second half each team will now be further reduced and field 3 players until the completion of the game.

         The organisers reserve the right to administer this rule differently across the different competition sections

         In the event of scores being level at the

completion of the game, a “Sudden Death”

scenario will begin immediately with an immediate

changeover. The first team to score will win the

game. Both teams must have at least one phase of

possession for the game to be completed during

“Sudden Death”

         The “Sudden Death” scenario is not applicable

during the Pro Series Round Robin phase of the


         The game always starts and re-starts from the

half way line. The referee will hand the ball to the

starting team and will signal for play to

commence. Play begins by immediately passing

the ball. A “Touch Down” or “Try” is scored when

the ball is grounded on or behind the try-line

(downward pressure must be applied).

         A touch is on any part of the body, ball or

clothing. It is “claimed” by raising one’s hand and

shouting, “Touch”. The referee will use his discretion

to decide whether the ball was passed or if the

Touch was missed. If unsighted or unsure, the

referee will honour the claim.

PLAY TO THE WHISTLE at all times.

         When touched, the ball must be placed instantly.


RESULTS IN A PENALTY. The attacking side

begins play where that ball is placed. In the case

of a forward pass or a dropped ball, play may

commence where the ball is picked up or stops

rolling. The defending team may not interfere

with a rolling ball.

         The offside line for the defending team is

4 METRES from where the attacking team

commences play. (In most instances, the referee

will position himself as a marker for the defending

team). If a quick pass is taken, the defending

player who is offside must cover a distance of 4

metres towards his own try line from where the

infringement occurred, before being allowed to

affect a valid Touch.

         A defender within the 4 metre “offside” area,

making an effort to retreat and not interfering

with play, will not be penalised. The referee will

use his / her discretion.

         Obstruction by a retreating player doesn’t apply

if the player stays directly on one running line.

         Any holding of players or pulling of shirts will

result in a penalty.

         Behind the defending teams own try-line the

“no touch” rule applies. Once the player crosses

the line the ball is alive. Players may only run back

into the dead ball area once.

         The extra reserves may be continuously substituted

at any time from one side of the field only.

         An intentional knockdown occurs when a player

does not attempt to intercept the ball but knocks

it down (generally with his/her palm facing

downwards). This results in a penalty. After being

warned, an intentional knockdown within 4

metres of the try line will result in a penalty try.

         Procedure for a penalty: The referee MUST

indicate the line / mark on which the offence

occurred. The penalty must be taken from this

mark. The defending team must retreat a full 8

metres before making a valid Touch. On a penalty,

ONCE THE MARK IS GIVEN, the attacking player

may tap and run without passing.

         Play may never be allowed to commence

within 4 metres from the attacking try line.

A defending player does not need to retreat

further beyond his/her try to be deemed on side.


          No referee will accept any verbal abuse. Claims

for forward passes and excessive claims for Touch

will not be tolerated.

·         After a warning, players may

be sent to the Sin Bin with a “Yellow Card” for an appropriate “cool off”

time. No substitute will be allowed to replace

someone in the SIN BIN.

·         Players will be sent off permanently with a “Red Card” for repeated “Yellow Card” Offences, as well as for violence, inciting conflict and

continual harassment including continuing to question a referee’s

decisions or deliberately and negatively

communicating with the opposition in a manner

that is against the spirit of game.

·         These players will also be subject to a disciplinary

hearing and if found guilty will be dealt with in

the strictest possible way.