Hot Summer of Touch 2017 Terms and Conditions

 Please take careful note of the following information and ensure that your team is fully informed about the contents herein.

Should a team not adhere to the tournament Terms, Conditions and Rules it will face disqualification.



      There will be 6 sections in this year’s series; namely a Pro Series, a Challenger Section an Open Tournament a Junior Section, a Ladies Section and an Over 40's Section. The last 3 sections will be dependent on number of teams and space allowable on the Beach/Field.

      The Pro Series will be contested between 8 pre-selected teams, the Challenger Section’s teams will be selected at the discretion of the organisors and the Open Tournament is open to teams from the general public. The Junior Section is open to all kids under the age of 15 (Must not have turned 15 before 31 December 2017). The Ladies Section is open to all ladies. The Over 40's section is open to all over the age of 40. All sections will carry their own prizes. Depending on space and team numbers, the Junior, Ladies and Over 40's Sections may not happen as standalone tournaments at each event. Final formats will be decided on the day at each event and explained at the captains/managers briefing.

      The Junior and Over 40's Section are fun sections and the organisors maintain the right to eject any player who is found to be over-aged (juniors) or under-aged (Over 40's) and or found to be playing outside the spirit of the game. 

      The winner and runner up of the Challenger Section have the added bonus of playing the 7th and 8th teams of the Pro Series in a “challenger” type game.

      Entry fee for all Competitions is R320 per team per tournament.

      Registration will be open from 07h30 until 08h45.

      Tournaments will start at 09h00 subject to tides affecting the playing areas.

      Entries will be on a first come first served basis. Pre-registered teams must still be present at registration to ensure their place. Please bring payment confirmation with on the day. Tournaments will be over subscribed.



• In the Challenger Section, Open Tournament, Junior Section, Ladies Section and Over 40's Section, a team may consist of 8 players (or less) with a maximum of 4 or 5 players on the field at one time, depending on the size of the beach/fields and the tides.

• All Pro Series squad information can be found at  

  • A player may only play for 1 team on a day. If a player is found to be in contravention of this rule, all the teams he/she has played for (on the day) will be disqualified.
  • If a team is found to be fielding more than 8 players on the day, they will be disqualified
  • All Team members must be registered on the team indemnity form


• Fax and Website entries will be accepted until 7 December at 17:00

• Fax number: 086 641 8118 or website:

• Right of admission reserved.



• In 2 Touch Beach Rules will apply.

• General competition format is based on teams playing a minimum of 2 games followed by a straight knock-out. Formats will change at the discretion of the organisors depending on the beach lay-out, weather conditions and number of teams. This will be communicated at the captains/managers briefing.

• At beaches where there are only potentially 2 fields (Onrus, Camps Bay, Struisbaai), only 32 slots are available. Entries will be on a first come first served basis.

• Due to tidal conditions, the tournament may be suspended during the course of a day; all players are to ensure that they remain informed as to the goings on during the day. If they are not present when the tournament resumes, they will forfeit the game.

• A central timer and siren will be used to start and finish games. If a team is not present at the siren they will forfeit the game and face automatic elimination.

• The organisors maintain the right to shorten or lengthen games to keep to the schedule.

• Please refer to the playing rules with regards to the number of players permissible on the field during the second half of games.